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Founder ANN SCHREPPERS cherishes a deep love for all living creatures and the magic of life itself. By creating the Conscious Corner, she wishes to support the growth of (self)awareness, presence & unconditional love in this world with all people and empower them to be the change they want to see in this world.

The Conscious Corner connect you with yourself by combining the best practices of the east and the west into a powerful mixture of yoga, meditation, conscious/ loving communication, psychology and neurology.

With dance being the biggest part of her life, Ann embodies the creative flow of the body and its potential into this world. She uses the flow and connection to the body of one of the most important instruments to manifest our fullest potential into this life.


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By each and every investment you make into the Conscious Corner, you invest into your own personal growth and glory. Be it a coaching, a class, a retreat or a training... We give back and

empower you to make a change yourself !

The Conscious Corner contributes to multiple causes each and every year, by teaching voluntarily classes to kids, communities and teachers worldwide (as a part of the Conscious Curriculum ... a free curriculum to integrate consciousness into schools) and by donations to multiple partner organisations. Read more about the organisations we highly support -and their incredible work- by clicking the logo's below and feel free to suggest any partner organisations that need some extra support to make this world a better place.



The Core of Conscious Connection

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